About Realty Trust Advisors

RTA is a national provider of turn-key asset management and construction management services to banks, default servicers, real estate investors, insurance providers, bankruptcy trustees, and high net-worth individuals.  For over twenty-five years, we have operated in the residential property segment, and delivered the subject matter expertise necessary to minimize financial losses and solve complex problems on behalf of our clients.

We deliver a wide array of bundled and a-la-carte service offerings, and provide custom programs to fit the individual business needs of our clients.  Our core services include industry leading property asset management, marketing and disposition solutions, as well as comprehensive construction services that include preservation, repair and renovation.

Additional specialized services include property inspections, vacant property registration, HOA/Condo Association compliance checks, property repair estimates, insurance claim management, construction draw reports, property valuation diligence, and the identification of best pricing and disposition strategy (cash sale, rental, lease purchase and fix/flip scenarios).

Our Value

Asset management is an often overlooked competency.  Complex properties, unfinished construction projects, and luxury properties with challenging or unique characteristics require advanced levels of proficiency as compared to traditional main street dwellings.  The importance of this skill set is significantly magnified when managing assets located in distant, unfamiliar locations where direct access to local market intelligence directly translates into an expedient disposition process.  This is precisely where we excel.

We also offer a full scope of construction and contracting services that focus on residential property preservation and renovation.  Our new Contractor Price Opinion solution leverages our highly qualified, licensed and insured field teams to quickly and accurately identify relevant improvements that may have a multiplier effect on sale price, which ultimately assists in minimizing potential future losses or increasing ROI.

With a single point of contact, professional project management, 24x7x365 job status tracking utilizing leading edge technology, multi-level quality control measures and expedited bid turnaround, our elevated standards of service remain unmatched.